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Image by Daniel McNestry

Township History

Auglaize Township is one of the twelve townships in Paulding County, Ohio, and has a population of 1,380 people. 


The township originally consisted of thirty-six sections, but upon the construction of Defiance County, in 1845, its northern half was taken off and added to Defiance Township of that county, the sections preserving the number of the original survey.  This territory was taken from Paulding County in order to make Defiance, which was to be the county seat of the newly formed county, nearer its geographical center.  To increase the size of Auglaize township, after its half and being cut off, sections 13, 24, 25, and 36 were taken from Emerald township and added to it on the west.  The township is, therefore, seven miles in length from east to west and three miles wide from north to south, except on the west tier of sections, where it is four miles in width.  Owing to this addition, this township has two sections numbered 24, two, 25, and two 36; these are distinguished from each other by the ranges, those taken from Emerald township being in range 3 and those in Auglaize township, being in range 4. 

Buckeye Trail Plaque

The Buckeye Trail plaque.

Aqueduct in auglaize township


Mile Marker sign at the Buckeye Trail

The Buckeye Trail mile marker.

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